Anabaptist Native Fellowship

Welcome to the Anabaptist Native Fellowship web page! We are so glad you are interested in us. If, after visiting this page, you have any questions or desire further information, please contact me using the information below. Thank you!

Leonard Burkholder serves as the Overseer and General Secretary for ANF.

Cell phone: 717-519-7523

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Who We Are?
Anabaptist Native Fellowship of Churches (ANF) is a group of Native American congregations committed to honoring Jesus Christ by obeying His Word. ANF ascribes to an evangelical, Anabaptist understanding of Scripture. The leaders within ANF are committed to encourage one another to be faithful servants of God. ANF is committed to First Nations and cross-cultural outreach by developing effective Native leaders for church planting and community leadership.

Our History
ANF was formed in 2001 after a group of like-minded Native congregations and leaders came together after United Native Ministries, a ministry of Mennonite Board of Missions, and Mennonite Indian Leadership Council, a ministry of General Conference Mennonite Church were discontinued. These leaders met twice a year for several years. They met to discuss common core values, vision. and purpose for developing a new fellowship of churches. The leaders spent significant time sharing concerns and praying for one another. Eventually the official leadership team was formed. Daniel Smiley serves as Chairperson, Liz Detweiler as Treasure, Gerald Hayes & Cindi Toews as co-Secretaries and Leonard Burkholder as General Secretary.

ANF’s Relationship with HFC
ANF is a small, emerging fellowship of churches. Currently there are four congregations committed to the vision and core values of ANF. However, ANF needed time to add more member churches and time to mature as an organization. One of HFC’s visions is to help develop and release new fellowships of churches. HFC’s vision and ANF’s needs seemed to be a good match. HFC is a fully organized, government recognized, not-for-profit organization. Therefore HFC is currently managing ANF’s tax deductable donations.

Relationally Connected
There is also a natural, relational connection between ANF and HFC. Leonard Burkholder serves ANF as the General Secretary and also as the pastor for several HFC congregations. In addition, he is on the HFC Oversight Leadership Team.

Theological Kinship
The theological position of the ANF congregations is evangelical, Anabaptist. These churches have a mutual concern with the theological direction that the mainline Mennonite denomination is headed. The theological position of the congregations that make up HFC is evangelical Anabaptist. HFC and ANF are similar in their understanding and practice of Biblical truths.

Activities of ANF
1. ANF credentials (currently through HFC) and coaches church leaders.
2. ANF leaders gathers twice a year to worship God, study His word, discuss particular Native theological issues, share testimonies, and pray for one another.
3. ANF leaders are responsible for managing an annual budget. Donations are primarily used for evangelism and Native leadership development.
4. Twice a year ANF sends a newsletter to a growing list of interested persons.
5. ANF sponsors a bi-annual Native Assembly event. This is a cross-tribal, God-honoring event meant to build relationships between Native Nations, and for spiritual growth.